Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Saturated Colors

I love the greens here and how it makes the path stands out. I also love the curves from the trees and how they go back into space.

I like the composition and the yellows in this one.

I think the composition of the curve with the ball of string is very interesting. I also like the blue against the white.

I picked this one because I took pictures of flowers for this week and I liked how this image didn't just look like a generic flower photo. Also, I love the yellow against the green and I like the red background.

I like the angle this was shot at and I love the color scheme.

I love how the red flower pops against the green leaves.

This one is actually muted, not saturated, but I decided to post it anyway because it's one of my favorite Annie Leibovitz photos. I love all the reds and the light from the fire. I also love the composition and how it all looks very antique and I love the dark vignetting

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